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After Bungie's latest website convolutions, the support site was discarded, and with it the Disembodied Soul. This saddened Matt Smith (poena.dare) so greatly he decided to make a Disembodied Soul Simulator.

He found out later that the Disembodied Soul does live on in the new BungieNet... as a forum spammer ban-bot. What a sad demotion.

On the other hand, the Soul did put the wrong labels on Marathon Infinity disks. The bastard deserves what he gets.

  And you thought Bungie had no soul!  
  The Disembodied Soul

Type in your question:

If the soul does not give you an answer, try rephrasing your question or using different words. It's a simple soul and has much to learn.

  The soul says:    

If you really must see the complete list of things the Disembodied Soul can say, you should look here. The Disembodied Soul simulator was created by poena.dare and Gholsbane. Updated by Duardo.

If you'd like to suggest more questions and answers, please send me an email.